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April 12, 2006

The SAE Opening Party

A great Saturday night at the SAE. The Buenos Aires clubhouse is the newest of the SAE branches - they were already in Lima and Cusco, both in Peru, and Quito, Ecuador - and has been up and running for only a month. So a little housewarming party was in order. The BsAs clubhouse is pretty nice, but without a doubt its finest feature is the rooftop patio, which is quite big, and perfect for a party. The party had two features that are essential to parties everywhere - nice decor and a sweet freestanding bar - but we also added two that were distinctly Argentine: an asado and tango musicians.

An asado is the Argentine's answer for a barbecue, though it's more of a tradition than just the act of cooking meat over an open flame. And since it's Argentina, it's a little more involved than cooking up burgers and hot dogs; our asado focussed on chorizo (sausage), a few different cuts of steak, and chicken, though a full asado would go well beyond those basics. The tango musicians (check my "Two Months" post if you're unsure of the difference between tango music and dance) were the same that we go see at the local bar, and they played a pretty sweet set. In keeping with local traditions, no one got too smashed, and things didn't fully wind down until the sun was coming up.

Anyway, all this is by way to introduce some photos from the evening, which would be of interest to those who are curious about where I work and who I'm working with these days. Also, parties are cool.

Getting our sweet patio set up while Rosie poses.

More of our sweet patio.

Prepping el asado.

Serving el asado.

Me and Paul. Paul from Colorado.

Los músicos.

Buenos Fucking Aires. These were raffle prizes we were giving away, and winning one would not have made me at all unhappy.


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